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weekend wars

Just got back home from the Canada Day long weekend with mixed feelings about some of the people I went with. It was bittersweet, to put it nicely. I went with one of my best friends, one of my closest friends and her boyfriend. I couldn’t be happier that one of my best friends was there or else I think I’d lose it. My close friend and her boyfriend behaved a little awkwardly. First, they wouldn’t stop with their PDA - example: kissing at dinner time, kissing at the campfire, kissing on our intense hiking trip and well, kissing all of the time in front of us and everyone else we were with. She also unleashed her inner control freak and was completely neurotic throughout the whole weekend - example: making us buy food we didn’t want to eat, taking half an hour packing the car and repacking it, telling us how to cook and how to prepare the food and basically telling us what to do the entire weekend. A few people have always told me that she always needs to be in control and that it’s either her way or the highway and now I see why they warned me.

Her boyfriend is a completely whole other story. Not only was he trying to tell us what to do but he was trying to be a know-it-all over everything. Him and I go way back and he is a nice guy but after this weekend, I like him less. I’ve seen completely different sides of them that I have never seen before and it makes me see them in another light. It’s like, you’re friends with a person for a decade, you think you know them, but you really have no idea what they’re like. All she seemed to care about was her boyfriend. I have never met a more neurotic and control freak couple in my whole life. I’m just glad I had one of my best friends there - we did our own thing and we tried to have as much as we could. I don’t know if I’d ever go camping with my friend and her boyfriend though - there would have to be special circumstances. All in all, I learned quite a bit this weekend: I don’t think I can actually go on a trip with my close friend, she’s a bitch if things don’t go her way and that she has to take over everything. I’m tired of having to adapt to her ways.

I also need to mention that I asked her quite a while ago to go to The Black Keys concert with me in Toronto this month and she told me she would for sure go. Today,

This coming weekend, I’m going camping with my neurotic friend, our friend Andy and another friend because it’s her birthday. I’m going to do my best to prepare for round two. I hope I can handle it and I’m just glad that I have Andy there to back me up. Out goal is to turn her into an easy-going chill person this summer. I don’t know if this is feasible but we’re going to try. Wish us luck because we’re going to NEED it.